Wednesday, July 10, 2013

So long, and thanks for all the fish...

I regret to inform long term readers that this blog will be retired as of today. I will not be contributing any new content to this site, although I will preserve the domain and content. But why, one may ask, am I doing this?

Well... when I started this blog I was still a naïve teenager. I've refined many of my views as the years passed, reading more material and dialoguing with more people. Hell, if you followed me for long enough you probably noticed the differing quality between my earlier and later posts. So, after much reflection, I came to the conclusion that this blog could no longer accurately represent me.

Before you start speculating, I should clarify that I am still an atheist and skeptic just like before. I didn't start believing in Christianity, or magical psychic powers, or truther conspiracy theories, or Pleiadian water alien things. To put it succinctly... it's not that the content of my views have changed, but rather that my reasoning has. For instance, my earlier posts included vague concepts like "group hallucinations", which look kinda amateurish to me now a days. Without further elaboration, I'll just point out that most teenagers aren't quite as smart as adults.

On the up side, none of this removes the possibility of me blogging in the future with a new blog. In fact, much to your (possible) delight, that is exactly what I've done! I've created a new blog, tentatively titled "Andyman409's blog" where I will continue to blog about things that interest me. I hope to see you all there!

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